To make decisions with confidence, you need a complete view of the market

Poor visibility of any aspect of the network means missed opportunities and reduced performance.

Informed Sources collects, refines, and delivers data for the fuel, convenience and retail sector. We do this through innovative collection methods, cutting-edge systems, and adoption of the latest technology.

Learn how our data can help you act with certainty in the marketplace – and improve your business results.

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Retail data you can trust

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No More Guesswork

We ensure our clients have the certainty, clarity, and confidence required to make important decisions. Clean pricing data with flexible parameters gives you complete market oversight across the retail sector.

Our data is state of the art, pooled from a variety of tried and trusted sources ranging from boots-on-the-ground site surveys to electronic exchanges.

Industry leaders, we pave the way with modern technology, cutting edge processes, and an endless drive to always know more.

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Connected and Continuous

Clear and concise, our data is as real-time as it gets. Learn how our data helps pricing and network managers make confident decisions with certainty.

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Data Products

At Informed Sources, our proprietary products PriceWatch and NetWatch can be tailored to suit your business. Our global marketplace intelligence empowers clients of all sizes, from domestic retailers to multinationals.

Easy, Real-Time Petrol Price Visibility

Our PriceWatch product records and tracks fuel prices and price trends through a wide range of data collection methods to provide data as fresh as 15 minutes young. The ultimate market visibility for our clients.

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Straightforward Geospatial Network Planning

NetWatch provides geospatial analytics and mapping software to discover further insights from the retail network. Flexible filters help clients compete like-for-like and allow for informed network planning across the globe.

Our intuitive interface is simple, straightforward, and incredibly powerful.

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Your Marketplace Insights

Our data reporting and analysis solutions provide detailed, real-time comparisons of site performance such as price, volume, and catchment demographics, enabling efficient decision-making in fast-paced global markets.

With more than 30 years of global marketplace intelligence experience, collecting data for fuel stations and retailers has always been our bread and butter. 

With entities in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Poland, Malaysia, Norway, Germany, Sweden, and Finland, we are well-attuned to the nuances of different global markets.

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