Our NetWatch services offer site selection, global site performance and retail network planning solutions that enable our clients to effectively manage their network of sites to optimise consumer demand.

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NetWatch – Your Network Analysis Software

We developed NetWatch to help you manage your retail network, identify key business drivers and optimise asset management via our market-leading and highly versatile application. 

Managers of retail networks need detailed and up to date data to ensure that strategic decisions are informed by accurate, reliable and timely market intelligence.

This geospatial mapping platform uses location analytics alongside other metrics which enable our clients to enhance price for offer on site, profile their competitors and better understand the drivers of volume in each market sector.

NetWatch removes guesswork from the equation for our clients, acting as a “single source of truth” that provides insights into site characteristics, competitor movements and market dynamics. A highly versatile tool, the application’s utility extends from retail services to B2B fleet management to network planning, enabling users to streamline product offering and act with confidence in the market. 

NetWatch also determines the best sites for profitable investment using location analytics, as well as examining the impact of new sites on existing sites. Highly sophisticated predictive modelling enables the application to measure a site’s potential by conducting data-driven analysis of local traffic, demographics, consumer behaviour patterns and competitor strengths and weaknesses. Machine learning, based on complex algorithms, ensures that models continually adapt as market conditions shift.

Data Capture

Innovative acquisition methods pool and harmonise valuable network data from multiple sources. Government, industry, field and demographic data are combined to produce in-depth assessments for our clients. We are also able to assess what data might be missing for key decision-making processes associated with new site locations.

Data Cleansing & Validation Services

Total market solutions are made possible through our data validation and cleansing services. Data validation ensures a consistent and streamlined format, allowing you to make sense of vast amounts of data.


Analysis & Reporting Systems

NetWatch reporting systems operate to ensure that the most efficient and robust location analytics are available. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience allows us to partner with clients and create bespoke solutions relevant for each client’s unique circumstances.

Volume Reallocation & Predictive Modelling

Our volume reallocation and modelling tool is crucial in our econometrics product suite and specifically analyses the impact on site, trade area and the broader network following a change to the market – whether it’s a new site opening, closure or site upgrade. This powerful feature uses regression analysis to identify the key drivers of volume in a given market – and predict operational site performance.

This sophisticated, industry-leading location analysis provides our clients with the ability to pinpoint any location and determine the direct effects of a proposed future site on volumes. 

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