About Us

Informed Sources is a global data and analytics organisation that collects and delivers high quality, reliable data for general and specialty retail markets worldwide. We provide strategic advisory services and technology solutions with a focus on fuel and supermarket pricing, site analysis, network planning and customised market intelligence. For over 30 years we have served one of the most competitive markets in the world, the global Petroleum Industry. Our extensive experience has cemented our reputation as a world leader in the provision of dynamic marketplace data of the highest quality.

Our Vision

Since our inception in 1987, the organisation has grown from a simple idea to a worldwide market leader, servicing a range of industries across diverse cultures and geographic locations. We offer our clients tailored solutions based on our ability to conduct surveys and assessments at almost any location. All our offices are staffed locally and supported by centralised specialist teams. Because of this, we’re able to gain unique cultural insights while maintaining the same consistent high results for our clients.

Our Impact

Informed Sources is a strong and willing partner for the provision of market intelligence to our suite of global clients. Our services support a variety of industries including petroleum retailing, FMCG and general retail markets. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients in order to better understand their strategic needs. This involves a consultative approach at every step that empowers our clients to make informed tactical decisions, explore new areas to drive market performance and improve productivity.

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