Maximise margins, optimise profits and grow volume performance in price competitive markets with PriceWatch.

PriceWatch enables our clients to view the market and empower them when making important tactical or strategic decisions.

PriceWatch focuses on competitor prices and comparison retail pricing. We are an industry specialist in collecting and retaining data for retail fuel, retail grocery and convenience products.

PriceWatch’s highly sophisticated functionality can be combined or individually applied to a client’s specific requirements. We approach each client with a tailored service offering that optimises market intelligence strategies across their organisation. View real-time or historic prices across an entire marketplace, drill down to trading areas or quickly obtain pricing averages or other variables. Keep your finger on the pulse by creating alerts that inform you when an outlet needs to change its price.   

Price Data Capture: manual collection

Informed Sources is an industry leader in the physical collection of fuel prices and FMCG data. Our staff are continually in the field, visiting locations and recording prices and other observable attributes across the globe. This manual data collection can in turn convert market analysis into perspective analytics, optimising any pricing strategy.


Price Data Capture Management Systems

Record and validate data on the ground via our proprietary market-leading application, PocketPrice. This smartphone-operated app is an intuitive, highly efficient price collection tool that will allow your staff to accurately collect pricing data on either a scheduled or unscheduled basis.

Scheduled manual collection can be quickly configured via our Run Management System which is automatically synchronised with PocketPrice. Data capture can be managed at regular intervals and across specific markets, ensuring that no information is missed. With PocketPrice, our clients receive a bespoke, state of the art tool that empowers them to manage their own data collection efficiently and easily.

Data Cleansing & Validation

We go beyond simply collecting data. Our services include the analysis and optimisation of data sourced by our clients. We are also able to combine third-party data to identify new growth opportunities and gaps within the market.

Bespoke techniques can be tailored on a client-by-client basis. Our data cleansing systems ensure that no obvious errors find their way into analytic systems and that no decisions are based on inaccurate data. We also test the validity of both our own and third-party data to determine that any analysis is capturing what it is set out to.

Analysis & Reporting Systems

Our analysis and reporting systems assist with strategic decisions, providing the critical data needed to gain objective insights in market intelligence. Clients can assess and manage the impact and performance of their pricing process, improving the bottom line.

We have a range of reporting services available. Data can be redistributed through online portals, access to the PocketPrice app as well as real-time alerts to mobile devices. Mobile alerts allow for immediate decisions, receiving critical information as it happens. Key alerts can also be customised depending on the client and your specific needs. The analysis and reporting systems have been designed to cover all elements of our PriceWatch services.

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