Data Consulting & Analysis

We have 30 years in data acquisition, analytics and reporting including a wide array of online tools and reporting platforms. We can update your market intelligence needs with precision, trusting the right data is reported.

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Market Coverage

We supply and source data that empowers our clients to fully cover their industry with the ability to watch, track and test the market accurately. Our reporting services allow our clients to assess their profit performance against the competition. These systems can provide raw data presented in our mobile applications and web-based pricing tools for immediate market analysis. Many of our pricing services are available in real-time and can be customised to suit the unique needs of our clients.

Data Cleansing and Validation

We are able to review and improve the quality of data sourced by our clients. We are also able to combine third-party data to generate new growth opportunities and identify any gaps within the market. Bespoke techniques are used on a client-by-client basis. Our data cleansing systems ensure that no obvious errors are reported and that no decisions are made using inaccurate data. We also test the validity of both our own and third-party data to determine that any analysis is capturing what it is set out to.

Analysis and Reporting Systems

Our analysis and reporting systems assist with strategic decision formation by making big data easy to interpret and providing the critical data needed to gain objective insights in market intelligence. Clients are able to manage the impact and performance of their pricing process, improving the bottom line of any corporate performance. We have a range of reporting services available. Data can be redistributed through online portals, access to the PocketPrice app as well as real-time alerts to mobile devices. Mobile alerts allow for immediate decisions, receiving critical information as it happens. Key alerts can also be customised depending on the client and your specific needs.

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