Range Checks

Our range check and inventory analysis services provide our clients specific market intelligence on their competitors. This includes a detailed analysis on supply chain logistics and inventory management of your competitors to empower strategic business decisions.

Competitor Inventory Analysis

With a rapidly changing retail landscape, consumer buying behaviours are constantly evolving and transforming business operations. Range checks provide crucial inventory analytics, which enable our clients to assess which products are available in competitor outlets to assist with supplier negotiations and to optimise stock levels and pricing for their own stores. We are able to maximise your market performance by ensuring optimal inventory supply through actively predicting customer demand for your products, which helps ensure great product availability.

Data Collection

Our range checks consist of two forms of data collection: syndicated data collection and covert price collections.

Syndicated data collection: These are easily collected scanned data with the agreement of all parties and done overtly on specific days and times.

Covert price collections: For those seeking a competitive advantage on stock offerings and prices, covert collections are completed at designated locations without notification on site.

Having refined our collection methods, Informed Sources provides accurate, reliable and timely data to clients on a same day basis to facilitate both inventory analysis and revenue margin strategies. Our collection teams utilise techniques that are proven in each market the service is delivered to ensure consistent, accurate and reliable reporting of data.

Further data collection services can be tailored to any client’s needs across multiple product categories.

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