Ad Hoc Data Sales

No request is too complex. Our global ad hoc data sales service provides customised data for your business. We combine our primary retail data with third party data to identify opportunities in your marketplace. Whether it’s a live feed or historical data that you need, we process millions of data points from numerous sources every day. If the dataset that your business requires isn’t readily available, we can pool together and harmonise data from multiple sources to measure exactly what you require.

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Global Data Sales & Analysis

Our data analysis turns raw data into actionable insights for price and promotion strategies that improve your bottom line.

Our proprietary mobile applications and web-based tools, such as PriceWatch and NetWatch, mean we can immediately analyse global markets to drive strategic decisions for your organisation. These global data analytics provide powerful insights, enabling our clients to better guide business planning.


We pride ourselves on efficiently packaging and reporting data that is easy to interpret and provides insights into your marketplace.

A range of delivery mechanisms ensure smooth transmission of data to our clients. Whether consumed via our in-house developed applications or integrated into your legacy systems, our data is presented in a smooth and consistent format which allows for quick decisions.

Stay ahead of your competition with accurate, reliable and timely data for your business.

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