From A to B2B: Optimising Your Fleet Fuel Card Offer

How do you build the most persuasive fleet fuel card offer – one that customers can’t ignore?

Fleet fuel card customers need to not only know that you have good trucking coverage across the whole country compared with your competitors, but that you can serve them along the specific routes that their drivers frequently travel. 

Fuel companies’ databases are often incomplete, outdated or inaccurate. Any geospatial analysis is only as good as the data that sits underneath it. 

In addition, trucking coverage alone only tells part of the story. A truly powerful offer will also incorporate recent historical pricing data as part of the analysis to quantify precisely how much your customers stand to save by choosing you over your competitors.

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How to build the most compelling fleet fuel offer

One of our Australian clients recently used the Informed Sources NetWatch package, underpinned by our high-quality data, to win a large piece of new business.

In this case, our client was trying to determine which logistical companies would prove the best candidates to focus its B2B sales efforts on. It needed precise metrics on assessing trucking coverage between the client’s hundreds of logistical centres dotted around the country.

In addition to examining trucking coverage, we knew that analysing pricing data at each site and providing a firmer estimate of bottom-line fleet savings would make the offer too good to refuse.


Informed Sources maintains a detailed sites database across many countries around the world. This repository includes details such as the locations of trucking sites, truck-specific forecourts and the number of high-flow diesel pumps at every site across the country.

In addition, we have access to rich pricing data via our PriceWatch service, receiving millions of prices per day from around the world. 

In order to help our client pitch to customers, we:

  • Mapped sites the prospective fleet clients had filled at to get precise location and usage information
  • Ran driving distance calculations from selected points (fleet fuel customer current filling locations) to identify which of our client’s sites were closest to their customers’ locations
  • Overlayed Informed Sources’ pricing data to match the fleet customers’ purchase behaviours at our client’s nearby sites
  • Ran a comparison to determine which fleet fuel customer would have received the best value for money


The use of the NetWatch platform and our data meant that our client was able to come to the negotiation table with confidence. The offers it presented were methodical and precise, outlining in concrete terms the amount these customers could expect to save by switching business. 

The acceptance of several of these offers resulted in a boost in sales in the tens of millions of dollars a year for our client. NetWatch’s sophisticated geospatial analysis proved a valuable tool in broadening this lucrative stream of business.

To learn more about NetWatch and our site data, book in a session with one of our sales consultants today.

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