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Informed Sources' in-house IT Department consists of a team of Microsoft Certified Professionals and is well resourced with the latest technology and equipment. It has been structured to provide our clients with specially designed program components from innovative and cost effective data capture systems through to fully customised reporting suites and information delivery mechanisms.

The design of unique and stringent data verification processes that are customised to each 'program', ensure all information reported is of the highest quality.

To ensure a fast, accurate and reliable development development of our custom applications, we follow Agile development methodologies and use the latest tools and components from Microsoft and other vendors.

Software training and support is provided to all clients as required.

Security and confidentiality are maintained at the highest level across all areas of our business, encompassing physical, electronic and intellectual property. Our clients can be confident that all data, including historical information is securely maintained.

Data Cleansing

Over the years Informed Sources has created a range of data cleansing techniques and programmatic routines specific to each industry we service. These procedures are continually analysed, honed and fine tuned on a region by region basis to ensure only the data of highest quality is released to our clients.

As you can appreciate, the vetting processes and mechanisms used vary considerably from industry to industry and market to market.

The source of the data will also impact the level of vetting required along with the timing of when this confirmation needs to occur, be it out in the field / at the time of collection, upon receipt of electronic datasets or post production.

From a reporting perspective these validations can also vary from category to category and client to client, for example the definition of what makes a product out-of-stock can be '0 units' for one client but 'less than X units' for another.

Informed Sources' expertise in this area enables us to accommodate all these variables to ensure you receive accurate data sets and functional reports that match your definitions and criteria. 


Another aspect of Informed Sources is that we are continually conceptualising and trialling new products and services across all industries. We listen to the concerns/issues raised by the marketplace and attempt to find an innovative solution.

Through our investment in a strong technology research and development program to test, develop and upgrade the latest available computer hardware and software, our clients enjoy efficient and effective information solutions.

As a Microsoft Silver Partner with competencies in Application Development and Cloud Platform we specialise in Microsoft .NET software development and the Azure cloud platform.MSFT

Our applications are developed targetting a variety of software platforms including:

  • Web sites
  • Web apps (both desktop and mobile)
  • Rugged handheld devices
  • Mobile Apps

All software systems and processes undergo rigorous Quality Assurance to ensure a high level of quality and support for various technical environments including the latest industry supported web browsers and mobile devices.

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Report Styles

Pre-defined summary reports

Analytical competitor reports

Custom designed report suites

Interactive Maps

Delivery Mechanisms & File Formats

Web portal


Flat text files - PDF - Microsoft Excel  - XML - CSV - TIFF

Training & Support

All IS proprietary software systems come with complementary training and ongoing support.

The training and support required can vary considerably between projects and as such packages are designed and agreed with each individual client during the consultation phase and regularly reviewed from there on.

Training Tools:

Traditional User Manuals

Video Guides (how to)

Training Sessions: Individual or Group (in-person or mixed media conferencing)


Telephone & Electronic

During Business Hours

After Hours (program dependent)

Remote Presentations


Informed Sources uses TeamViewer software for secure online collaboration, remote meetings and presentations. TeamViewer enables desktop sharing over the internet securely, even through corporate firewalls.

The following link will download a quick, non-installing application to allow you to enter the TeamViewer ID and password of the person hosting the presentation.