Accurate, Reliable, Timely


If PRICE is a key driver in the success of your brand or product positioning, then you will find our PriceWatch service a valuable tool in price competitive markets.

Access to accurate, reliable and timely pricing data is critical for decision makers and key personnel. PriceWatch facilitates reporting formats that are tailored to individual needs - one size does not fit all.


  • Ensures accurate decisions can be taken that enhance margin and/or volume performance
  • Provides discipline when refining strategies relating to marketplace position and price tactics (rules)
  • Drives compliance to these strategies (marketplace position & price)
  • Improves market intelligence on competitors
  • Identifies and confirms market 'triggers'


For a business that operates in a price dynamic market it is critical to stay abreast of market changes as they happen to ensure opportunities can be capitalised on.

A PriceWatch program empowers you to fully understand your 'playground': to watch, track and really test (not predict) the market accurately.

PriceWatch service programs are finessed in consultation with each client to ensure individual requirements are delivered.

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