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The team at Informed Sources are not only specialists in our own area of data collection, but are also industry specialists able to add value in a management and consulting role.

With a wealth of experience in Banking, Oil, Retail, IT, Cinema and Logistics we look forward to taking our relationship with clients past data collection and reporting through to the strategic and tactical planning stages.

Informed Sources can help make it happen. Any combination is possible:

  • Your contacts in the field + our software applications and project management
  • Your field force and project management + our data capture applications and systems
  • Our staff in the field, data capture mechanisms and project management + your software analytics and reporting system
  • We manage the entire program from start to finish

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Field Management

So you have access to staff and/or contacts (reps, agents, dealers, contractors, ...) in the field, but perhaps not the mechanisms, software or office resources available to effectively manage the additional processes required to capture and report the market intelligence.

Informed Sources can provide:

  • Full operational management of the field force
  • Systemic tools that enable you to manage the field force effectively utilising your existing infrastructure - be it operational procedures, work instructions and network
  • Software program/s and IT support to best monitor field performance as well as capture and validate the collected data

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Reward & Recognition

Where there is an effective performance and compliance monitoring program in place, Informed Sources can add value by becoming the independent Reward & Recognition facilitator.

Based on an agreed set of prerequisites and parameters, we will handle the administration and distribution of awards/prizes to the program 'Winners'.

The frequency and manner of reward delivery is unique to each client.

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Data Capture Applications

Informed Sources has developed a range of data capture applications and systems utilising the latest and most suitable technology on offer at the time. These are continually upgraded as technical advances to hardware and/or software are made  and become available.

Applications are fully customised to ensure the correct data components are captured and stored appropriately. They take into account how the data is to be analysed and reported both now and for future reference.

Any restrictions in how this information will be secured in the field (such as overt -v- covert surveys) impacts the choice of hardware device as well as the software utilised.

All Informed Sources applications and systems have custom built validation and verification rules to confirm data quality and limit error.

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