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Through the successful provision of a comprehensive and dynamic market intelligence solution for the Australian Petroleum Industry since 1987, Informed Sources can claim unrivalled experience within the oil sector. This expertise makes us uniquely placed to confidently assist key operators anywhere in the world. In fact we have already entered global markets such as New Zealand, Malaysia, Italy, Thailand, Egypt, Germany and Norway.

As with most industries the basics required to effectively operate within the Petroleum Industry involve finding the right balance between price, product, people, promotion and place. The Petroleum Industry (in most markets) also has to deal with high levels of public scrutiny and government regulation, which in turn drives competitor activity and heightens the importance of effective price strategy management. Fundamentally it requires a constant fine tuning between price margin and sale volume at all operational levels/perspectives be it retail, dealer or wholesale.

Our services are valued by a number of petroleum retailers (both large and small) around the world and can be broadly separated into  the following categories.


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Price Management

Oil PriceWatch programs are designed to manage the flow of petrol pricing data at a rate relevant to the marketplace in which you are operating, up to and including a continuous data stream. Our innovative systems integrate manually collected and client data and deliver customised Web based solutions to our subscribers twenty four hours per day seven days per week via secure log in. Many operators can be justly cautious about the operational impact of having access to such dynamic information and may question both the relevance and management of such timely data. Change in any form is rarely received well, but in order to thrive (not merely survive) in today's climate it is a necessity.

The Informed Sources approach supports clients through this change process by assisting to first quantify the timing 'need', provide suggestions/examples on how to handle (and more importantly capitalise on) the increased pace of the market and deliver a customised program that will best meet the agreed service parameters. A wide range of data capture and reporting options are available to ensure that the information is provided within the correct timeframe, budget, meet technical prerequisites and comply with company policy.

OPW Image Strip

Oil PriceWatch (OPW) is the Informed Sources' proprietary system that accurately captures and reports retail prices for fuel products at site level. Price data can be captured via a number of different methods including electronic transmission and manual survey. The process (or combination) that is most suitable for your program will be determined during our consultation period.

The system empowers users to:

  • Identify market trends and movements by geographic region and/or brand
  • Compare retail prices at state, country, region, area, customised groups and site level
  • View multiple or single fuel reports

Site Viewer provides a search function to identify a site or group of sites

PriceAdd enables additional competitor price records, as sighted by your operatives, to be incorporated into your data sets. Information entered is subject to a unique series of proven validation rules that minimise any 'suspect' prices impacting the final analysis.

Transaction Tracker facilitates the display of transaction details for a site and date (or range of dates)

OPW Reports is a fully managed data collation, analysis and reporting package for competitor site pricing at retail service stations

PriceSetter allows you to create a series of price rules and criteria at report, region or site level, to produce a Suggested Pricing Report based on your pre-defined rules


Informed Sources also provides a competitor price collection service (PriceWatch C-Stores) that reports the retail prices of convenience items sold in service station shops.


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Network Awareness

NetWatch (Retail Petroleum) is Informed Sources' network database of retail petrol sites that is continually expanding its reach across European, Asian and Australasian markets. It provides subscribers with an overview of the current marketplace landscape and is a practical tool for network planning and competitor profiling activities.

Distributed by way of a purpose built web viewing platform it also takes away from the subscriber any data management and storage/space issues associated with dynamic database systems. With the ability to view sites on Google Maps, including Google Street View (wherever available) and downloadable Google Earth KML files, NetWatch is not merely a database, it is a total visual experience.

Oil NetWatch SaintMalo Oil Forecourt 2-NZ

NetWatch programs can be simple (site name, address & map co-ordinates) or very comprehensive, depending on the metrics you wish to assess and understand, and can incorporate data from external sources to further enhance the depth of market intelligence at hand.

Optional Data Units:

  • Photographic Images
  • Site Survey Results (eg site dimensions, forecourt data, shop information)
  • Sales Data
  • Volume Estimates
  • Census Information & Demographics
  • Traffic Counts (vehicle and/or pedestrian)

The results can be supplied as a 'one-off' market snapshot, although in order to fully appreciate a market, NetWatch programs are best executed with an agreed Update Schedule in place.

Informed Sources NetWatch programs are not restricted to retail petrol sites. Data sets can be made available for convenience stores, fast food outlets, supermarkets, in fact any business that has an address.

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Custom Surveys

To round-off the Petroleum Industry Solutions Package, custom surveys can be implemented to:

  1. Ensure your company standards are being upheld in the marketplace, or
  2. Obtain an insight of the activities or standards of your competitors


Compliance Monitoring  surveys can be implemented to ensure company policy and procedures are being effectively carried out across the network. They can focus on areas such as:

  • Workplace Health, Safety & Environment Requirements
  • Promotional Campaigns (placement, activity, execution)
  • Service Standards
  • Site Maintenance
  • Operational / Process Improvement Initiatives
  • Government / Legislative Obligations

These surveys can be conducted overtly (by Open Audit) or covertly (with a Mystery Shop) and are fully customised to ensure they address the area/s of concern of each individual client. They can be particularly effective when incorporated into a Reward & Recognition Program that compares performance levels across the company. If the survey components are allocated weighted scores and the results are published across your organisation, it can assist staff/team performance management as well as drive internal competition and overall improvement.


Competitor Surveys are effective as either a 'benchmark' for a Compliance Monitoring Program or simply to get a better understanding on what exactly your competitors are doing and how they are doing it. They can be fully customised to hone in to the areas in which you are particularly interested.


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Community Intel

Informed Sources actively engages in initiatives to help the broader community as well as the industries we serve.

One such example is the National Incident Register concept whereby we aim to tackle petrol theft through the creation of an online database where participating service stations can record and access incidents, whether it be failure to pay or drive-offs. The initiative is about raising community awareness, providing petrol retailers with the tools to minimise leakage and deterring anti-social behaviour.

Over time this service allows participating service stations to::

  • Determine the crime trends and activities that directly effect their industry and region;
  • Identify 'hot' areas - timeframes and/or locations where certain activities are more likely to occur;
  • Modify their staffing rosters to increase security levels during the times it is most needed; and
  • Adapt their shop layout and/or operational procedures to reduce the risk of an offense taking place.

The capturing of this information also helps to raise awareness amongst other stakeholders including government and in particular the respective policing authorities.

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