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Centre Management

Shopping centres, airport corporations and arts council trusts to name a few, find positive outcomes in working with Informed Sources. The market intelligence provided equips them with an independent assessment of their facilities, services, promotions and retail/product offer.

Facility Audit surveys tend to cover all key areas/departments throughout the centre to assess the level of compliance to centre standards, contractor key performance indicators, health & safety requirements, and in some instances government legislation. Some common focus areas are: toilets & parenting rooms, security presence, general centre cleanliness, information desks/kiosks, bars & food courts, signage (general & promotional), gardens & parking facilities.

Promotional Compliance (including Centre Competitions) programs allow you to measure the level of compliance achieved for each scheduled promotion across the centre as a whole as well as within each division or outlet. They highlight areas that may be impacting the overall success of each campaign, be it signage placement, level of exposure or promotion knowledge of staff/contractors.

Mystery Shop programs are custom designed with each client to highlight key aspects relevant to their customers experience. The surveys are concise and tend to target core areas of staff presentation, manner, selling skills and level of service.


These results can greatly enhance your ability to effectively negotiate with contract suppliers (cleaners, security), leaseholders and event organisers. They can also form the backbone of a credible Reward & Recognition Program where the Centre can formally acknowledge star performers/business partners with unbiased Centre Awards.


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