Metro Petrol Prices Declining

Each quarter, the ACCC publishes a report on the performance of the petroleum industry for public scrutiny.

In this article, we highlight the main points of the ACCC September Quarterly Report:

  • Retail prices in the five largest cities decreased: 
    • While prices maintained a steady low under 145c per litre the attack on oil supplies caused a peak in prices to over 152c
  • Movements in average petrol prices in the quarter reflective of international benchmark prices.
  • Significant variations in retail prices in 2018:
    • An annual analysis showed up to 8 cpl difference from independent to major retailer outlets with the recommendation to consumers to shop around for the cheaper priced stations to save money.
  • Diesel and automotive LPG prices decreased.
  • Fuel excise increased.
  • BP announced arrangements with David Jones and Qantas.
  • Caltex announced an arrangement with UberEats.

To read the full release, including additional information such as ACCC Industry activities during the quarter, see the document found here.

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